Where You Are

With many schools already started and ours starting just around the corner I decided to throw myself a little pity party the other day.  I seriously was almost in tears at my desk.  I have struggles, as I have written about before, and the enemy knows exactly where those nerves are so he can strike … More Where You Are

Anything: Completed

I literally JUST finished Jennie Allen’s book Anything. Wow. I can’t believe it’s done and am so excited to see what’s next! Ok, God. Here I am. “I’m just an ordinary girl, filled with an extraordinary God who will use me for extraordinary purposes, all because I’m saying YES.”  (A quote similar to this was … More Anything: Completed


One word.  Amazed.  Here are some of my thoughts on the missions trip that Derek and crew were just on. I’m amazed that God called little small town Derek to Colombia to go on this missions trip. I’m amazed that God worked through this missions team to reach hundreds of people. I’m amazed that there … More Amazed


Are there any working moms out there besides me?  Sometimes I like to throw myself a little pity party and think I’m the only working mom who feels guilty for letting another woman raise my child while I work. I feel SO guilty and so badly desire to work part time or be a stay … More Guilty