Are there any working moms out there besides me?  Sometimes I like to throw myself a little pity party and think I’m the only working mom who feels guilty for letting another woman raise my child while I work.

I feel SO guilty and so badly desire to work part time or be a stay at home mom sometimes.  But I’ve heard it all and read the blogs; “oh if you stayed home you’d be bored”, “you wouldn’t like it”, “you should appreciate the job you have”, “you’re so lucky you work because you get to have adult conversations throughout the day and not only talk to children”, etc., etc., etc.  I get that.  I do wonder what it’d be like to be a stay at home mom and only have the household chores to worry about, not answering to a boss other than the head of my household a.k.a. the hubs, and not having to actually look presentable on a daily basis.  And let’s be real…I probably don’t really look that presentable at work some days.  Whoops.

So a few weeks ago I had a realization while going through the Anything study I’m doing right now.  In the study she talks a lot about living our lives to the fullest; living them for God and how this life is only temporary.  You hear it all the time.

Life is short so make the most of it.

Tell the people you love that you love them often because you never know when your last day on earth will be.

YOLO (in case anyone doesn’t know that means You Only Live Once)

Carpe Diem (is that how you even spell it?)

You get the point.  Yeah, LIFE IS SHORT and this life is only temporary so we should live like it!  We should be living this life, telling people about our love for our Father and living that life for the KINGDOM as much as we can because we only have a short amount of time on this earth to tell people!  Our time here is short and compared to eternity, it is really short.

So now for the realization.  I do not need to feel guilty about working in this life and being busy with Kingdom works in this life because I will get to spend eternity with the hubs and little miss!  Eternity is a long time last I checked.  Will I still feel sad about missing certain things, absolutely, but I just need to remember that great will my reward be in Heaven.  And I can’t wait.

I kind of feel like in Heaven if I want to snuggle baby Little Miss God would make it happen.  I guess I do have just a few other babies up there that I will probably snuggle too when I get there, but how cool to think about.  This life is temporary.  This life is only the beginning.  

A wise, wise young man said “so this life is like the prologue to our real book of life.”  Ok, this young man is going to be in sixth grade folks.  He’s got it figured out.  This life is our prologue-so make it good!  Make people want to know more and keep reading your book.  I hope someday I can be a character in someone’s book as a character who helped them get to their awesome story in eternity, in Heaven.  I don’t want to be just an “extra”.  I want to be the real deal and all in.

Don’t you?  It’s never too late to start.  Why wait?

#anythingproject  #surrender


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