Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

If you have found yourself here due to a random search on recurrent pregnancy loss, I am so sorry.  My heart goes out to and your family and I’m sorry that we have to be part of this horrible “club”.  Our pregnancy journey started in 2008 when we were overjoyed when we unexpectedly found out we were pregnant!  We were very excited and confirmed everything the Wednesday before Thanksgiving that year.  Unfortunately, a few days after that appointment things turned for the worst and we were going back to the doctor to confirm that the pregnancy had terminated itself.  Since then, we’ve had four more miscarriages, all lost between 4 weeks and 9 weeks and two healthy pregnancies.

By God’s grace our marriage has survived these hardships and we have a beautiful little girl born in 2010 and precious baby boy born in June!

We have done a variety of tests in our local clinic as well as in Rochester’s Mayo Clinic that have all come back normal.  We have no answers as to why we have had all of these losses.  If you have any in depth questions about the testing we’ve gone through, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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