One word.  Amazed.  Here are some of my thoughts on the missions trip that Derek and crew were just on.

I’m amazed that God called little small town Derek to Colombia to go on this missions trip.

I’m amazed that God worked through this missions team to reach hundreds of people.

I’m amazed that there are hundreds of new people part of HIS family.

I’m amazed by the stories that I’ve heard so far.

I’m amazed by how God moved my husband while he was there.

I’m amazed by the support the team received whether that be by prayer or financial.

I’m amazed at how this trip has impacted my walk with the Lord.

I’m amazed by how expectant the people of Colombia are.

I’m amazed at how even a year ago they probably couldn’t have been in the areas they were.

I’m just amazed.  The team had an awesome trip and were able to lead hundreds of people to the Lord!  How amazing!!  Now to pray that those relationships can grow and those people can come back and be the hands and feet of Jesus in their country.  I’m looking forward to see how this trip will have more of an impact around us too.  The team is planning to speak in church within the next few weeks so if you’re local, keep in touch so you can come and hear how God moved them!


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