New Every Morning

Had I written this yesterday it would’ve been titled “Rough Start”. Yesterday morning was one of those mornings where nothing went right and nothing was going to go right all day. It started out with arguing and frustration in the middle of the night, a very tired little girl, a baby boy that was up … More New Every Morning

Life is Messy

Let’s be real here ladies.  So I just posted a post last night essentially about feeling like I don’t have enough time and what time I do have I need to devote to the Lord.  Ok, yeah.  That’s great. I do want to commit my every waking moment to the Lord but let’s be real; … More Life is Messy

Precious Time

It’s crazy to think about how much our lives revolve around the word time. Do I have time to do this or that and do you have time to go here or go there? Here is what the Webster says about Time.  (I deleted some of the definitions…) time tīm/Submit noun 1. the indefinite continued … More Precious Time

God Sightings

Know what a God sighting is?  I didn’t either before teaching children’s church at church and learned about them.  😉  It’s different times in your life that you know that God was involved.  I was going to name this post “Accomplishments” but it sounds so selfish when in reality I couldn’t have done/continue to do … More God Sightings

Six Days

After baby boy was born we were obviously elated.  After getting over the initial shock that I actually just gave birth to our baby boy-our rainbow baby, our miracle-we enjoyed every moment of being together.  Having him be born at 7:34 pm was kind of nice!  Yes, it got to be kind of a late … More Six Days