Do you ever wonder who they’d be?
What do they do? Who do they see?

Do they look like mom or dad?
Oh how I’ve wanted to know, so bad.

What color are their eyes, their hair?
In heaven, what do they wear?

Are there swings and slides and parks for play?
Oh, to have a glimpse of just one day.

What friends have they met?
Have they seen their other siblings yet?

Are there green fields to play in, dress up, and dolls?
If only heaven accepted calls.

Who reads them stories, tucks them in at night?
Holds them close and gives them hugs so tight?

“I give them kisses and snuggles too,
And I heard their first, sweet coo.

They look like their momma and their dad,
Blonde hair, green eyes, no need to be sad.

They sit on my lap and I hold them tight too,
I want you to know, its how I always hold you.

Always in my sight and close by my side, them and you, as life takes you on the crazy ride.

I’ve got them here, no need to be sad.
I’ve told them about you and they call me dad.

There’s a glimpse into our day.
Now close your eyes and continue to pray.

You know I hear your heart cries,
And I promise, you’ll see the Son rise.

Just Follow me.
Just Love me.
And just Trust me”

I always wonder who they are
And what they’re doing
and why they have to be so far.

Jesus says they’re precious in his sight
And that I should keep, shining His light.

He says they are just fine,
And they are His, but I can still call them mine.

I have His hope, so I know we will meet someday.
That will be oh so glorious, in every way.

Do you have His hope, can you honestly say?
Will we see each other in heaven some day?





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