I’m Listening but Talk Quickly

Sunday night before bed instead of watching some cartoons before bed, little miss decided to pick up her children’s bible and wanted me to read some stories out of that to her.

Hubby took the bible and opened it to 1 Samuel-he knows how much I love the story of Hannah and Samuel-so I read that to her.  The first story was about how Hannah prayed to God and asked Him for a son and I think the second part was about God answering her prayers and then giving Samuel back to God.

The third part though was why I’m writing this.  It was about when Samuel was sleeping and he heard someone call his name.  He ran to Eli thinking that he was calling for him, Eli was not.  He did this three times and on the third time, he figured out it was the Lord speaking to him.

We asked little miss the question at the bottom of the page: “What would you do if God called you in the middle of the night?”

She said, “I would say, ‘can you quickly talk?'”

Hubby and I both giggled and asked why to which she replied, “because I’d be tired!”

Then we said, “well sweetie, if God wants to talk to you, you should listen no matter what! And if He wants to talk to you in the middle of the night he will probably help you sleep really good so that you’re not tired the next day.”  (Or something along those lines.)

After chatting with a friend this morning briefly about how busy life is and the schedule is always jam packed I got to thinking…I need to take that advice more than my little sweetie.  She is so obedient and faithful and need to be more like her.

How many conversations have I missed because I’m too busy or too tired or too whatever?  Probably lots.

I feel like I’ve gotten better at saying no to things in life and maybe it’s just the season we’re in where I feel like I’m constantly chasing – figuratively and literally – but we’re still so busy.  Maybe it’s because it’s summer and we have to pack 12 months of outdoor activities into three?   Maybe it’s because we haven’t said no to enough things?  Maybe it’s because we are literally chasing a one year old and trying to balance time and attention between the one year old and seven year old?  It’s probably a combination of all of this.

Life is so busy I don’t just sit down and take the time to listen.  Or I’ll listen but only as long as you’re quick.

We’re spread so thin these days between all of the “stuff” of life and I know I don’t take enough time to just sit and listen and just be.  I have written on this before, and for the record, this is more so just a reminder for ME, to just BE.

Today, take time to sit and listen – to spouse, children, family, friends, and most importantly – GOD.  He wants to hear from us and speak to us but just like any relationship, we have to be there for him to talk to us.

My challenge today for myself and you is to listen…and give Him time to answer.



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