Safe in my Arms

The lightning was flashing like a strobe light at a high school dance; so fast and furious that the phone camera processors couldn’t process it. The thunder was cracking and echoing across the dark sky like I’ve never heard before; starting on one end and roaring through the clouds to the other end. The air was hot and humid and trees were dead calm. The clouds were building and brewing something so powerful, we as men, cannot replicate and I cannot be more in awe.

Little miss was sleeping in her room in the basement so we didn’t wake her but we had to bring little dude to the basement with us when the sirens started going off. I was watching the news, hubby was upstairs getting a flashlight, the phone chargers, our shoes, and of course, taking pictures of the crazy clouds developing and the lightning flashes. (insert eye roll here) I called-yes on the phone-from the basement and not so kindly told him to get to the basement. I was shaking and probably the most scared I’ve ever been during a storm. I was praying that it would pass over us and that it would turn out to be nothing. No hail, no wind, and most of all-no tornadoes.

As I sat on the couch, holding our sleeping boy we watched and waited. Hubby was looking through his photos he had taken and keeping me posted on the latest FB statuses…including a video of the tornado that touched down northwest of town…and some of the text messages I was getting since my phone was plugged in and I couldn’t reach it.

Praise the Lord, the weather did not get as ugly as it could have.  The tornado that touched down lifted back up after a short distance and we didn’t get any of the hail that some of the other areas got.

Before we went upstairs, hubby took a picture of me holding little man. When I looked at the picture today I immediately thought, “safe in my Father’s arms”. I am SAFE in my Father’s arms.  He wants to hold me close. He is reassuring me that He is holding me close and will be there for me. Just like little man in this picture, sleeping peacefully, without knowing anything was wrong I can’t help but think, that is how the Lord wants us to be.  Peacefully in the comfort of His grasp.  Completely surrendered to Him.

He wants us to be held peacefully in His arms and for us to know we are safe.

And here are a few of the photos hubby took of the storm.










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