Do you ever wonder who they’d be? What do they do? Who do they see? Do they look like mom or dad? Oh how I’ve wanted to know, so bad. What color are their eyes, their hair? In heaven, what do they wear? Are there swings and slides and parks for play? Oh, to have … More Wondering

Paul and Weaknesses

Our Thursday night group has been doing a study on 2 Corinthians: “All Things New” BY: Kelly Minter.  I have absolutely LOVED reading and learning about Paul and these stubborn corinthians!  haha  Paul keeps pushing through and trudging along (my words) hoping that eventually he will get through these people’s hard heads what they should be … More Paul and Weaknesses

Safe in my Arms

The lightning was flashing like a strobe light at a high school dance; so fast and furious that the phone camera processors couldn’t process it. The thunder was cracking and echoing across the dark sky like I’ve never heard before; starting on one end and roaring through the clouds to the other end. The air … More Safe in my Arms