One Thousand Four Hundred and Forty

As many of you know husband was gone snowmobiling; left Thursday morning and came back early yesterday morning – 2:00 am.  Whew.  The week of him being gone started off less than ideal by me getting into a car accident on my way home from work.  It just wasn’t in my plan of things to do/get done while he was gone and NOT how I wanted to start out my week as a “single parent”.  Thankfully he was just a phone call away and easily accessible to talk to!

Saturday after a fun day of swimming/visiting with family, I had an anxiety attack and made myself sick then Sunday the power went out, Monday I had a doctor appointment for little man and had to get my broken car to the dealership and pick up the loaner, then Tuesday the loaner had a dead battery when I went out to start it to get little miss from dance.  Whew.

I tried so hard to avoid the thought “what next?”

I shed way too many tears while hubs was gone and I told him the guys he’s with probably think I am an idiot.  LOL  By the way, to all you single moms, military wives, wives with husbands who travel a lot; PROPS TO YOU!!  I’ve thought about it before and wondered how you guys stay sane.  WAY TO GO!

Back in November when I was feeling overwhelmed with life, I text my cousin and said “I feel like I can’t catch a break”.  She replied with this: “I would encourage you to not see it all as not catching a break.  It keeps your mind negative when really the good is recovering from sickness, job, stronger marriage, nothing life threatening and today is a new day you can choose to enjoy.  Make today the best day ever.”  And in another message this”…Remember that God implants everything in us for the positive to utilize, to grow and to elevate.”  And husband so kindly reminded me throughout the week that adversity builds character.  (Thanks honey, that’s cute since you’re 16 hours away and I can’t punch you.)  😛

Although in the moment, I cry and probably way overreact, when the moment has passed I think, OK, what did I learn from this?  How did I positively – or negatively – impact those around me?  How am I choosing to use this experience?  Did I “leave a mark” when I had an opportunity to?

I’m not sure what opportunities these things lead me to or will lead me to but it’s funny how things always turn around with an opportunity.

I heard this song on the radio and it got me thinking.  Every day I have the opportunity to make a difference.  I am where I am for a purpose.  Am I living like it?  Am I choosing to make a difference?  When I’m called beyond my limits, where am I going, what am I looking at?  Who am I looking to?

In this moment, I will choose to leave a mark and “ECHO” Him in my walk.  I will try to be a reflection of His light for those around me.

So One Thousand Four Hundred and Forty.  What is that and what does it mean?  That’s how many minutes we have in a day to leave a mark or make a difference.  Will you?


One thought on “One Thousand Four Hundred and Forty

  1. Oh, Karissa. I love how you are so willing to let Him use you. I had some devastating news come this week (nothing life threatening but devastating to ME) and I know that I didn’t handle it well. Your blog is a timely reminder. Thank you for sharing your heart!! ❤


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