Giants In Your Way

So I heard this song on the way to work this morning and knew it was for someone today so I thought I better share it, then it sparked a blog post so here you go.  Just a few quick thoughts…hopefully they make sense to someone.

In my ladies bible study we have been studying David. David was a man of obedience and trouble. I don’t know a ton about him but I do know that when the Lord spoke to him, he listened. When God told him to defeat the giant, Goliath, he did. He went CONFIDENTLY and defeated him. People thought David was crazy. Goliath laughed at him. His brothers said you cannot do this, you are just a boy.  But David knew, God is on my side, I will win.

I can’t help but think David was maybe a little scared and hesitant but he trusted that the Lord would protect him and He did.  What obedience he had!  There have definitely been times in my life that I think I was supposed to do something but I was scared.  Scared of getting laughed at, scared of what might happen.  Scared of what people will think.

That is exactly what the enemy wants us to think.  He wants us to be scared and not defeat those giants so he can “control” our thoughts and our actions.  Don’t let him!

Are you scared of the giants in your way?  What giants are standing in your way? What are you fearing today?

Just like David, don’t let those giants scare you.  Stare them down, go confidently, and trust in the Lord that He will CONQUER those giants with you and for you.

I want you to know that miracles can happen. Miracles will happen. Pray and watch those giants fall.


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