Life is Messy

Let’s be real here ladies.  So I just posted a post last night essentially about feeling like I don’t have enough time and what time I do have I need to devote to the Lord.  Ok, yeah.  That’s great. I do want to commit my every waking moment to the Lord but let’s be real; it’s hard!  It’s hard to do that when you have piles of laundry in majority of the rooms of your house, spit up stains on your shirt that you haven’t changed since yesterday, dirty dishes from last week on the counter, and half of dinner below your six year old’s chair…from last week.

So I’ve come to the realization that this is life.  Right now.  As we speak.  (Ok,  I do shower and get dressed to go to work but that’s a real picture of weekend life in the Hall House.  lol)

Life with kids can be messy.  Life with kids can be time consuming.  Life with kids can be glorious.  Shoot, not even life with kids; just LIFE. IN. GENERAL!  I love everything about being a mom, even though I don’t always admit that in the moment of the tears and drama of having a girl and the painful cries of a baby with a gas pains and a husband who longs to spend time with me, but that time involves me falling asleep on the couch every night at 8:00 pm (except Thursday’s).

Who’s with me?  I know you’re out there.  Of course we all want our lives to be seen through Instagram and Snapchat filters (who else loved the deer? C’mon, I know you’re out there!) but let’s take a look around our house at the moment.  The beds haven’t been made in weeks, the laundry may be clean but we get dressed out of the baskets it gets put into out of the dryer, there are so many crumbs in our couch cushions that we’d probably be able to assemble an entire box of pop tarts if we put them all together, and the dust on the end tables are covered by piles of my pump parts…and stories…and stuff.

So remember at the beginning of this when I said I try to devote every part of me to the Lord?  Well, I definitely struggle, and the husband can attest to that, but I try so hard to do things with a joyful heart.  I try really hard to choose to be happy.  But I struggle.  It’s hard to be joyful when I’m overwhelmed by all of the tasks that need to be done and the messes and the piles that feel huge.  In reality if the three of us who can walk, would take 20 minutes and work together we’d be done.  And hubs is a PHENOMENAL helper and I do not give him ANY credit where tons of credit is due.

I need to post the below quote on my mirror in the bathroom and read it to start the day.  And I need to post it on my desk at work so I can read it throughout my day.  And I need to post it on my steering wheel so I can read it when I go home for the evening.

“A great attitude becomes a great mood, which becomes a great day, which becomes a great year, which becomes a great life.”  Zig Ziglar

as well as this one:

1 Thessalonians 5:16  Rejoice always.

So to all you mommas who are tired and weary, enjoy the ride.  It’s a fast one and can get wild and messy and can will involve puke (of the spit up variety and the big kid variety).  But hold on, it’s worth it in the end (or so I’ve heard).


One thought on “Life is Messy

  1. Love all your posts but “This is the best one yet”- I remember those days- I will never forget those days!! People would tell me “I came to see you- not your house ” There were times I was too tired to even finish a prayer at the end of the day….then I received a card —it said “when we are too tired to pray – this is why we have Jesus!” He has already asked God the Father to meet our needs. Rest in His love and depend on Him to get through the day.!


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