Precious Time

It’s crazy to think about how much our lives revolve around the word time. Do I have time to do this or that and do you have time to go here or go there?

Here is what the Webster says about Time.  (I deleted some of the definitions…)

the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.
noun: Time; noun: Father Time
time as allotted, available, or used.
“we need more time”

Time seems to come at a premium these days. Trying to balance life with a six year old, a four month old, as an exclusively pumping momma, as a working mom, as a wife, a follower of Jesus, as a church member, a bible study leader, a friend, and the list goes on.

How can I be spread so thin and still survive? Sometimes I ask myself, will I survive this season? Thankfully it’s just that, a season. A season where sleep comes at a premium and so does time. I know the nights of interrupted sleep are only temporary. The time spent sitting on the couch snuggling with a baby are temporary. The evenings spent practicing reading with a six year old are only temporary and each season of life will bring it’s own challenges.

With fall upon us, summer a fleeting memory, and winter not too far in the future I am reminded that these times are precious. These times are a gift. These times are oh so temporary and I need to relish these moments that are gifted to me.

Today I pray that my steps in time go in a direction He desires for me.  He is establishing those steps; I want my time here to be spent wisely and honoring to Him.  I pray that those things that are just that – things – that are not fulfilling His kingdom purpose be taken off my “to do” list so I can honor Him in all my ways.  I pray the same for you today too.

Proverbs 16:9  –  The heart of man plans his steps, but the Lord establishes his ways.

Enjoy your time, but also remember that this time is only temporary.


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