God Sightings

Know what a God sighting is?  I didn’t either before teaching children’s church at church and learned about them.  😉  It’s different times in your life that you know that God was involved.  I was going to name this post “Accomplishments” but it sounds so selfish when in reality I couldn’t have done/continue to do these things on my own. They definitely are not my accomplishments, they’re able to happen by the grace of God.

So here is just a little list of ways I’ve seen the Lord work through our pregnancy with our sweet Baby Boy:

  • Both husband and I coming to an agreement at the same time that we were ready to try again
  • Being able to pray at a women’s event for naivety (the ability to not know what it’s like to have a loss and that constant fear lingering) and for the most part getting it back
  • Having HOPE that this pregnancy was going to be “the one”
  • A positive pregnancy test after only a few months of trying
  • Increasing HCG levels immediately
  • Scheduling an appointment for the normal ten weeks out then having the drs. office call me and tell me they can get me in at six weeks
  • Seeing baby’s heartbeat at that six week appt. (I definitely wasn’t counting on seeing it because I was so early but then when I did it was the most beautiful heartbeat ever.)
  • Being able to have a doctor that I felt like genuinely cared about me and acted like I was his only patient all day
  • When my progesterone started dropping the doctor was proactive and prescribed me progesterone supplement right away; he didn’t wait to see what it was going to do on its own
  • Not having bad side effects from the progesterone supplement
  • Having a pretty easy first trimester with not much morning sickness
  • Finding out it was a boy at our 20 week scan and having everything else look great and healthy at the scan
  • Being able to plan a gender reveal party for our families and telling them in the most perfect way
  • Having the most fun baby shower planned by some of the most fabulous ladies I know!!
  • Having a quick delivery…
  • …and even better, a fast recovery.
  • Having a healthy pathology report on the placenta and cord – So a little explanation on this one.  After delivery the doctor said that we need to send these things to pathology because the cord was a different color, very thin, and was not connected to my placenta very well.  In my doctors notes from delivery he writes, “It was also noted that there was an extreme marginal insertion of the cord. There was no evidence of vasa previa, but it truly was on the extreme edge of the placental disk.”  In the pathology report after examination, they wrote “Received is a 348 gram placenta approximately 17 cm in greatest oval dimension. The umbilical cord is marginally inserted and 51 cm in length. The membranes appear thin and semi-translucent. The placenta tissue appears complete. There is no evidence of retroplacental clot.” And apparently that means it was ok.  In my 6 week appt. I asked the doctor about it and he said they didn’t find anything and it was ok.  And if any medical professionals care to explain any of that to me, I’d be ok with it!  I like to know what’s going on!
  • Yes we were in the hospital for 6 days after he was born, but being able to be encouraged and prayed for by all of you was a huge blessing!
  • Having a nurse who had a similar background as me the night after baby boy was born so we could talk about each others stories
  • Hopefully being able to be a light to the nurses who cared for us during our stay
  • For a Baby who likes to sleep as much as his momma and only gets up once or twice/night
  • For an abundance of milk for this sweet Baby Boy (I had about 4 gallons of milk in the freezer by the time I returned to work)
  • An amazing husband who fiercely loves me and our children – all of them
  • And said husband getting up in the middle of the night to help feed little mister since he doesn’t nurse well – Yes, even while I was still on maternity leave and he was back at work
  • Amazing helper, Big Sister
  • Having the help so I can pump throughout the day (and night) when at home & at work
    • Just a side note to this…I think so far I’ve been hooked up to that pump for an equivalent of about 6.5 days folks. 6.5 straight days.
  • The ability to have 12 weeks of maternity leave

I’m sure there are tons more, I just can’t think of them right now.  I’ve tried compiling a list in my head so many times but I lose track of it often.  (Imagine that with pregnancy brain and lack of sleep.)  🙂

Once again, thank you ALL so much for your prayers and support through this journey; I know it’s just begun!!


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