Power in Weakness

So I heard this song today.  One of my friends found it and told me to give it a listen.  I did, while at work, and I had to pause it so I didn’t start crying at my desk.  So there’s your warning.  Don’t listen to it if you don’t have a kleenex and are in a public place where you don’t want people to see you cry.  lol

There are just so many emotions all wrapped into this song.  The sadness of a father who has lost his beautiful babies too soon, the joy that he knows that they are in the presence of their heavenly father, and the HOPE that we have that we can all be together again in heaven on those streets of gold!

As you know, the word hope has meant a lot to me over the last almost two years now!  It is absolutely amazing how often I come across it now and how much my perspective has changed on just that simple little four letter word.

I know I’ve said it before, but I am SO thankful for our journey.  Last night at bible study the verse in 2 Corinthians came up and it talks about how HIS power is made perfect in our weakness.  While we were talking I asked the question; what circumstances have you been in where you have felt closest to Him, where you’ve dug deeper into scripture?  My weakest moments are when I’ve found myself closest to Him.

There, that verse just came to life.  In my weakest moments is when his power was made perfect.  His power of healing.  His power of giving hope.  And now, His power of giving LIFE.

Through his power of healing, I was able to have hope.  While living in that hope that He had a plan, he gave us life.  The life that is growing inside of me right now.

Even though you may not have life literally growing inside of you like me (or maybe you do), He can give you life, too!  He can give you NEW life.  He can give you new perspective to enjoy your LIFE.  Did you know that once you believe and have a personal relationship with our father that your old life is dead and gone?  He doesn’t look at that old life, He looks at your NEW LIFE and is excited to carry you through that NEW life to NEW places that only He can bring you to.

I kind of feel like this post is all over the place but it’s what was on my heart at the moment so that’s what happens.  Sometimes putting thoughts into words is tough when the thoughts are spiraling out of control! 🙂

All in all, I am thankful that Jesus is holding our sweet babies and I’m thankful that we will all someday get to run on those streets of gold with our sweet babies because of the Hope that we have in our Father and the promise that He made to us by giving us the ultimate sacrifice-His Life. On the cross.

Here is a LINK the song I was talking about and make sure you have kleenex nearby when you listen!  The song is just on his Facebook page, so scroll down until you see the song titled “Perfect Way to Start”.


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