On This Day-A New Beginning

Does anyone else have the “on this day” thing pop up on their Facebook page every day with what happened “on this day” one year ago, two years ago, three years ago, etc?  Mine started popping up as a notification a few months ago (I think).  I don’t know if everyones does or if I accidentally added some app or something, but I like it-most of the time. This picture was in my “on this day one year ago” list today along with lots of pictures of past vacations, old posts, and visits from friends.

Double rainbow after the storm.

I had forgotten about this awesome view until it popped up but how amazing.  It’s not very often you can see the full rainbow, and even less likely that you get to see TWO full rainbows!  Rainbows hold a special place in my heart, not only because they are absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring, they are a promise, and a symbol of a new beginning.

They call a baby after you’ve had a miscarriage a rainbow baby.  So Miss K is our Rainbow baby.  I’m not entirely sure where the term came from but I think because a rainbow typically comes after a storm or rain.  I like to think of tears as rain sometimes and when you are holding that precious baby after a miscarriage it is the break in the storm you were facing and the moment you get to see God’s beautiful creation that you’ve been waiting so long to see-it’s a new beginning.

In Genesis God talks about Noah who worked and worked on the ark and was mocked and belittled and wasn’t entirely sure why he was even building this massive thing, but he did.  He was obedient and his work was justified when the storms came.  Think of the relief he felt after finally seeing that rainbow in the sky!  He knew the storm was over and God made a new covenant to them-a new beginning.

Noah had to wait a long time for God’s plan to be revealed to him and sometimes we have to wait a long time too!  I am going through this book called “Anything” by Jennie Allen (see past post here) and things about my life are slowly being revealed to me.  Areas that I need to surrender to God in and fully give BACK to Him!  I, like Noah, am unsure of what the plan for my life is, but I know it will be God’s plan.  It probably won’t be easy, but it will be good.  And my reward in Heaven will be good.  (I just hope I don’t live until I’m 600+ yrs old like Noah! 🙂 )

We were at a conference this weekend and I was able to pray with a gal about my past pain and she prayed that I am able to fully give my burdens to the Lord.  That I can surrender the pain, the past, the unknowns, the future, the desire to know why and what’s next, to the Lord.

Seems like surrender is a common thing in my life lately…maybe the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something.  I need to surrender.  I need to lay down my life, lay down my fears, lay down my pride (ouch), at the foot of the cross and say, here you go.  I’m on this journey to surrender and looking forward to where the Lord will take me in this new beginning.

I pray that you join me in this and surrender and hand over that burden.  He does not want you to carry this burden!  He wants you to hand it over, lighten your load, and carry it for you.  He has seen the tears fill your pillow, He knows your heart cries.  He will take it from you, NO MATTER what that burden is (doesn’t only have to be burden related to miscarriage) and He will carry it.  There is no burden heaven can’t heal.

As I get closer to saying “anything” to the Lord, will you think about it too and join me surrendering for a “new beginning”?

#anythingproject #newbeginnings @jenniesallen


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