Encourage Someone Today

So I got an email from a business colleague yesterday and thought how cool. How cool is it that the Holy Spirit puts people in our lives to encourage us and help us to grow and step out of our comfort zone. The email said something like, “your blogs are very encouraging. I just wanted to let you know that”. So after a little bit of thought I thought, I am being obedient by sharing my words with others and the Lord is encouraging me by this person telling me this. She, too, was being obedient by sharing her thoughts with me!

I was talking to the hubs about it after work last night and was just thinking how thankful I am for encouragement. I think it’s so cool that by being obedient not only do we/can we encourage others, but the Holy Spirit will place people in our lives to encourage us and give us that extra little dose of confidence needed to push us ahead.

I’m thankful that God will honor our obedience and He will continue to show favor to those who honor Him in their life. I’m thankful for that promise that we have to stand on.

Today I challenge you to encourage someone. Step out and follow a prompting that you have. You will not be disappointed.

Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; copy


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