No “Plan” for the Planner

As I sit in front of my computer and start to think about all of the changes about to happen in our lives my mind goes a mile a minute; what do we need to do, what’s going to happen, where are we going to go, we need to sell this, we need to toss that, we need to pack this, we need to move that.

We received a signed purchase agreement for our house this week but do not have a new house purchased yet. We have our eye on one but the process of that one selling is moving slowly and not making much progress, right now anyway.  We need to be out of our house within the next month and a half (at the most) if all goes well and as planned with the buyers closing.  Some friends have offered we can move in with them temporarily and a few others have offered a camper or their basement and husband says we can always live in a hotel.  I’m not so sure about that though…where would I let the laundry pile up? A hotel room isn’t big enough for that!  We started going through some of our belongings that we’ve been holding onto since we started dating and sorting them between keep, throw, or sell (mostly throw). Next will be to start packing, then will be loading everything into a 6 place enclosed snowmobile trailer then hopefully into a new home! I get emotional thinking about all of the firsts that happened in this house but then I think about what God has in store for us and get really excited. Even though I’m struggling to trust in His timing right now, I know He’s got it under control and His timing is perfect.

We also had our follow up appointment at Rochester’s Mayo Clinic this week and have some more testing to be done to find out the why’s behind our miscarriages. We had a series of tests done in the past that all came back as inconclusive…my body and chromosomes were all where they needed to be and all tests led to the miscarriages just being “normal”. The tests they’ll do in Rochester could end up the same way, with no answers and no real “plan” as to what we’re supposed to do and why everything has happened the way it has.

The “plan” part is the hard part for me. I’m a planner, that’s what I do for a living! I plan someone else’s schedule and keep track of him and where he’s going! So for me to not know “the plan” is hard. And that’s where I’m reminded that our God does NOT disappoint! He has a plan and that’s what matters! His plan is greater than my plan could ever be and I just need that to be first and foremost, front and center in my mind at all times. Selling our house without a house purchased is a huge leap of faith and is really challenging me to fully rely on God and allow Him to provide for us! We know He will. He says so in 1 John 5:14-15. (I’m not going to post it here because I want you to GO LOOK! Open that Bible and read it for yourself.) 

Recently some friends of ours went on a mission trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Their plans were thrown off and the trip didn’t go like they were thinking it would but it went according to God’s plan. One of the gals wrote her blog post HERE about how God didn’t disappoint on their trip (and what inspired me to write about how God does not disappoint) and now I’m remembering that also as we face these challenges changes too. 

I know our God will NOT disappoint. He will provide a home for us. He will open doors for us.  He will guide us in the direction He wants for expanding our family.  

This song is a great reminder for me!  The oceans rise, but my soul will rest in HIS embrace.





One thought on “No “Plan” for the Planner

  1. Great post Karissa! As a fellow planner, Type A personality I can relate to the stressed feeling of not knowing what is going to happen or how it will work out. Everyone tells you just to trust and it’s so easy to think “easier said than done”. I’m so proud of you for being able to know that God has a plan for you and being able to trust in him even through the struggles.

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