Happy “OWLoween”! (Pretty soon anyway!)

Halloween is just around the corner!  I can’t believe it’s already the end of September and the seasons are changing.  I feel like summer just got here!! 😦

I made my little peanut be an Owl for Halloween last year and she loved it!  It was perfect for a MN Halloween where you’re not sure if you’ll need snow pants and a winter jacket or just a jacket and tennis shoes.  This costume allowed for her to wear pants and turtle neck when we were inside and her jacket underneath when we were soliciting our neighbors for candy trick or treating.  🙂

I came across this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist.

Here’s just a quick tutorial and a few pictures of how I did it!

Step one, pick out the felt colors you want for the feathers.  I picked pink, tan, and brown since she was a girl owl.  If you want your son to wear this you could definitely just stick with the browns and black tones.  I picked a piece of brown T-Shirt type material to use as the “shall” part of it and brown ribbon to finish it off.

Step Two: I one of those little sweaters that pulled over her head so I measured that and traced around it in the shape I wanted her shall to be.  If you don’t have something like that, you can easily lay out some newspaper to make sure you get the right shape before cutting on your fabric.

Step Three: Draw the shape in the picture below on the felt and cut out a whole bunch of them in each color!  I think mine were about 4″ tall by about 5″ wide.  They don’t have to be exact or perfect because they will overlap a lot and in all honesty, feathers don’t all look the same so it’s ok!

Step 1

Here is a picture of the shall and the first row of feathers laid on it.  I pinned each one in place then sewed one line along the straight edge of the feathers. After each row, arrange the next row overlapping the first row enough to cover your stitching.  (Mine showed in a few places but it really doesn’t matter because you don’t notice unless you look close.)

First couple rows

Here is a picture of it actually on my sewing machine while sewing, it looks like, row 4(??).

After you have all of the row sewed on, try it on your peanut.  If you need to, you could always add more base fabric since the feathers cover it anyway.

 finished feathers

Here’s the shall with all of the feathers sewed on but not the ribbon.  As you can see the feathers are in no particular order and the edges are somewhat lined up.  Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

After I tried it on to K I wasn’t sure how to finish the top or how to keep it on!  haha

I had some brown silky ribbon in my supply box so I used that but looking back, I would have used a ribbon that wasn’t so slippery.  It was hard to sew and unravels easily…

The next step is to find a mask to wear.  I had leftover felt so I used that.  I drew a paper pattern of a mask and tried it on K before cutting the felt then added a few things to embellish it and some elastic around the back and it was complete!!  I used a few different colors of felt on the mask and just glued them together.  I was not in the mood to sew anymore and needed it to be done quickly.  Then I added one of her little pink alligator clips to the tuff to add a little pink to the mask.


Here’s our first trial run with the costume.


And here they are laid out on our ottoman.

And here is the completely finished product on Halloween; our bumblebee puppy and all.  🙂


I know some of my instructions are vague so definitely feel free to ask any questions you might have and have a very

HAPPY OWLoween!!!


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